One-Stop GIS Solution

Route Optimisation/Directions


Keep your business running on budget and on time. From simple point-to-point routing to solving complicated logistical issues, vMAP’s routing functionality enables route calculation by a range of criteria and optimisation via restriction recognition.

vMAP reporting lets you create route reports with directions and analyse reports with driving distances, times and costs. Experience the freedom to track and convert your data into profitable actions.

All functions extend to vMAP Portal API. For optimised tours, visit vMAP Portal’s Tour Monitor!

Time Windows

Schedule and import stops, pick-ups, opening hours, orders and stop times in various file formats.

Route Management

Save and load predefined routes then share them with others. Implement route rules to cut mileage and hours, creating the best routes to boost your fleet efficiency.

Vehicle Profiles

Choose from a range of profiles that match your fleet including weight and height, and offer routes optimised for certain vehicles.

Professional Routing

Route Calculation

Up to 999 Stops per route
Open/close times per stop
Automation by API
High-performance calculation


By setting options and preconditions for stops and waypoints, vMAP calculates the best route and provides alternative itineraries according to your settings.

Time Conditions

Set an open/close time for each stop along with estimated stop durations that are then considered by vMAP’s route optimisation.


Choose to optimise your route sequence by time conditions, and distance via road or air.

Intelligent Map Measure

The vMAP intelligent ruler can reveal the distance between multiple selected points, across both segments and total distance.

Cost & Time Estimation

For each route, vMAP can use settings from any chosen vehicle profile to calculate route time and cost. For international routes, optimisation is furthered by toll calculation where supported.

Vehicle Settings

Vehicle profiles for preferred method of transport e.g. bike, car, truck. Custom vehicle settings, distance and cost reports per vehicle are also available.

Customisable Vehicle Profiles

Find the optimised route for your mode of travel using vMAP’s customisable vehicle profiles. Predefined vehicle profiles enable custom route profiles according to vehicle type. Travel modes can be entered and edited by administrators. Store vehicle dimensions, speed, cost and more settings, which depending on the routing engine can be used to optimise routes.

Transport Management

Save, load & share routes
Import & Export stops and waypoints
TMS (Transport Management System) system
Operate by API

Save/Export Route

Calculated routes can be saved and exported in a range of formats including PDF, Excel and CSV for easy company distribution.

Various Route Reports

Choose between multiple predefined report templates such as driving directions, stops and order lists, distances, times and cost reports. Find the shortest or quickest routes featuring one or multiple stops.

Integration & Exchange

Automate route calculations and process results via external systems using vMAP API. As online transport management system, send optimised routes, handle ERP system costs, or receive CRM calculation stops.